Franklin Chang Díaz


Book by Franklin Chang Díaz "Dream's Journey" is the story of Franklin R. Chang Díaz, an 18-year old immigrant from Costa Rica with a dream to fulfill. Embarking in the late 1960s with fifty dollars in his pocket and a one-way ticket to the Land of Opportunity, he begins an extraordinary journey of adventure and discovery that takes him to the pinnacle of achievement and the fulfilment of his dream to become an astronaut and a rocket scientist. A story of personal struggle and perseverance, his American journey unfolds against the backdrop of the tumultuous decade of the 1970s and proves to be far richer and intricate than he imagined. ( excerpt)
Book by Franklin Chang Díaz "The First Years" is an account of my childhood from my earliest memories, while growing up in Venezuela and Costa Rica, through my adolescence and up until the very day that I left Costa Rica to follow my dream in the United States. It is the first book in a trilogy that I plan to complete relating the phases of my life, including many adventures, happy times, failures, successes and losses. In this first book, I have tried to explore the forces that shaped my imagination and formed my identity through the earliest portions of my life. I believe a large measure of my good fortune was due to the help that I received from many others during these formative years. So I hope that this book can, in some way, help others who are now looking for their path toward their dreams.

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